Oops I accidentally Stephanie Brown’d.

So this was done as a mixture of way too many feelings for quipquipquip’s writing, and me wanting to study more on existing superhero costumes as I build up my own original superhero webcomic.

MY CANON FOR THIS PICTURE. Steph had a really good day. Not that there weren’t any punks that needed attention, no, it’s GOTHAM, kids there’s ALWAYS problems. No this day is good because it’s one of the days that Steph really feels a sense of belonging. One of my favorite things about her is that she has this….ownership over the city. Like. She KNOWS it’s a fucked up city. But it’s HER fucked up city and it’s home. I’d like to think that whenever I stop moving around I can have this sense of weird pride about wherever I live.


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    Ack, thank you. XD I can’t really think of anything else to say other than thank you. It means a lot.
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    I love it when I get blamed for things—-especially things as lovely as this c: You’re so right, though. Steph has this...
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